Professional UI/UX
16 March
Krasnoyarsk, Siberia
As it was previous times
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Professional UI/UX
16 March
Krasnoyarsk, Siberia
As it was previous times
UI/UX Section
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Konstantin Kapustin
Digital Designer, Zero, Moscow, Russia
Modern designer tools. 3D for every day:
- Design approach (advice for the designer);
- A little bit about modern technologies in 3D, motion, UI and their combination;
- The immediate prospects for Digital;
- Analysis of a couple of own cases.
Grisha Kochenov
UX Visionary, AGIMA, Moscow, Russia
Interfaces, design and the future through the prism of cinema and reality:
- Spiral of progress, design and aesthetics in the last 100 years. Amazing cyclicity and change of values;
- Trends and names. Multi-disciplinary is important for today's world, narrow specialists go into the past. 300 names you need to follow to understand today a little better;
- The place of virtual reality and longing for tactility;
- Speculative design and forcasting.
Sergey Popkov
Head of Design & Partner, AIC, Moscow, Russia
Designer's path:
- The main points of the designer's growth;
- Start and work in the design studio;
- Education;
- Grades;
- Art direction;
- The day everyone should close the sketch and become the boss.
Roma Khramov
Co-founder & Art Director, Cuberto, London, UK
Distinctive features of UI design in different countries:
- How to convince a client to work with you even if you are in another country?
- Examples of applications for different countries with distinct features.
George Kvasnikov
Lead Design, Fantasy, San Francisco, USA
Creativity begins with not knowing.
Reasoning about main elements of designer's success. What is creativity, how to improve creative thinking, eye for design, motivation. Report will be full of personal examples and stories, projects made by Fantasy. Mane theme of report — to show, that not knowing, doubt, creative process — are main ingredients of creativity.
Evgeniy Kudryavchenko
Director, Vintage, Kiev, Ukraine
Subject will be soon
Skype call
Vadim Pajasu
Evangelist, Skillbox, Moscow, Russia
How to become a popular UI / UX-designer?
- How to achieve fame, money and freedom?
- How to build a queue of customers, and work around the world?
- How to change and grow every year?
- What must be done at this conference for everyone?
- 10 main observations about self-development made over 10 years in training.
Slava Kornilov
Creative Director, Geex Arts, Moscow, Russia
How design turns art websites into an online store: the fight against established formats.
- Why does monotony leads to loss of individuality?
- New standards in the design of sites for galleries and exhibitions
- Web-Design trends in the art sector
- Examples of successful cases
Management section
Iliya Gorbarov
Executive Director, Atwinta, Kemerovo, Russia
Subject will be soon
Vladimir Zavertaylov
CEO & Founder, Sibirix, Barnaul, Russia
Work on burnout - where you and your employees take energy.

For whom:
- If I am tired in the morning and in life, and it does not suit me very much. And my employees are just like me;
- I need a leap forward, but have no strength;
- Long business trips, without the possibility of sleep and rest;
- No ideas. Confused;
- Responsible activities, events.

Bonus: checklist + selection of books, films, audio recordings on the topic of pumping personal energy.
Alexander Bogdanov
Director General, AGIMA, Moscow, Russia
Building of a large and efficient agency. Step by step instructions.:
- Planning of company's development;
- Financial strategy;
- Sales and PR strategy;
- Scaling and work with staff.
Sergey Oseledko
Partner, Notamedia, Moscow, Russia
Where to grow, if you have nowhere else to grow, or how can a programmer become the CEO and co-owner of the Agency, and then leave without serious consequences:
- The main problems in the transition from programmer to Director;
- The horrors of Agency Internet business. Why the Director of the Agency is a firing position and how not to go crazy;
- From Director to a partner and mentor. The bitter experience of the strategy delegation ;
- From junior to senior partners. Better to be first in the village than second in Rome;
- Cutting a window into India. Chumorrow, and maybe, chumorrow;
- And a little more about happiness.
Alexey Ramensky
Managing partner, Tagline, Moscow, Russia
Subject will be soon
Oleg Kelnik
Director General, Kelnik, St. Petersburg, Russia, Stuttgart, Deutschland
Office abroad, mistakes, investments and positive experience:
- A reasonable approach to opening an office abroad on the example of Finland and Germany;
- Analysis of approach errors and money management mistakes;
- Mentality, how to speak the same language;
- The budget and the time to bring the project to no loss, planned and actual;
- Сlient search and adaptation to the market.
Vsevolod Ustinov
CEO & Founder, IT-Agency, Moscow, Russia
From agency to product:
- Agency growth from 0 to 130 million;
- Personal values, mission and metrics;
- 15 examples of agencies that have switched to products;
- First sales, dedicated team, plans.
Sergey Poluektov
CEO, Mediasoft, Ulyanovsk, Russia
A family of 100 people — how to build a team with a decent ecosystem:
- The pyramid of values and the company climate;
- To work with a smile — what is hidden behind loud words;
- Psychology of specialists — understaning psychological types and identifying their best uses;
- Bad advice: how to spoil your reputation as an employer.
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